The past couple weeks….

My two chapters are written, revised, and submitted.  It was quite an adventure to actually write….  After spending so much time on research, it was exhilarating to finally put some things together.  Having two chapters written (though I’ll definitely revise them to a greater extent in the future) will make things go much more smoothly next semester, too.  I won’t get too overwhelmed by the writing process (in regards to a thesis) because I’ll already have had experience with it.And now it’s winter break.  My advisor and I plan to meet on a weekly basis throughout the spring semester, and she wants me to submit an annotated bibliography, a revised outline, and a brief introduction to the outline before our first meeting of the semester.  That will help me keep my thesis work up throughout the break.  I also hope to write my introduction chapter, or at least put together a decent outline of the chapter, so I’ll be better prepared to tackle the writing of the thesis in the spring.And I hope to keep this blog up, too.  My research methods class is over, but this blog really helped me keep up my thesis work throughout the semester.  Even if I didn’t accomplish much during the span of a week, I knew that I had to post my progress and continue with my research, etc.  That may really help me once it’s time for some intense writing and revising. 

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